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Healthovation - Weight Loss System for Women

Posted by Hitendra Patel on Oct 11, 2019 12:15:00 PM

Over 25 years ago, Curves changed women’s fitness by delivering studio fitness without the premium price. While the workouts are only 30 minutes, you feel the benefits long after. Unlike traditional gyms, a Curves membership gives you the tools and support you need to reach your goals and set the stage for a healthier, more active future.


I feel comfortable and encouraged by a community of other women who share the same fitness goals, providing real encouragement to lose weight and stay fit.


Any woman who wants to get or stay fit, be healthy, lose weight, and feel better in a safe, supportive environment—without the stress of being observed by the opposite sex. Women who have tried losing weight by focusing on either dieting or exercising, but not a complete solution involving both. Women who do not have 90 minutes for cardio and strength training.


Curves Complete is a complete weight loss solution for women that entails Fitness, Meal Plans and Coaching. Fitness plan includes a 30-minute workout 4 times a week, combining strength training and cardiovascular activity using safe hydraulic machines. Members meet with coaches weekly to review their diet, exercise, behavior and goals. Curves also provides a community of women for support in a comfortable environment.


Traditional co-ed gyms where women might feel uncomfortable when exercising among men. Gyms that had separate machines for cardio and strength training, requiring at least a 90 minutes to get a complete workout. Traditional diet programs where women get advice on dieting and supplements to lose weight but do not have the added benefit of exercise.


Curves is the largest chain of fitness centers for women in the world with more than 6,000 clubs in more than 80 countries, serving more than 1.5 million members who are feeling better every day. Curves is recognized as a global leader in women’s fitness, changing women’s lives and helping to combat osteoporosis and many other chronic diseases.


Increasing Awareness of Obesity: A complete system allows people to get healthy to combat illness and obesity, which, in turn, contributes to decreasing the physical and financial costs associated with these health problems.

Focus on Behavior Modification: People are looking for motivation and coaching to ensure real change and lasting success.

Higher Community Collaboration: Curves offers access to a group of people with common goals who can work together to achieve success.


Feel good: Every woman wants to have more energy and to look and feel her best

Safety: Curves provides a safe, supportive, non-intimidating environment that fosters a sense of belonging.

Education: Being in-shape means also knowing the tools and techniques to living a healthier life.


Curves is a well-recognized, global brand. Its founders created the first fitness program designed specifically for women. Curves Complete offers a unique, complete program: a holistic weight loss system for that no one else can match.


Subscription: Members pay USD 12.95-14.95 per week for Curves Complete depending on the length of membership contract chosen. Amount paid monthly. A service fee may apply. Curves Complete is offered at participating clubs only.

Franchise: Curves franchise fee is USD 39,900, including equipment. Franchisees pay royalties of 5% of gross revenue (max USD 795/month) and advertising royalties of 3% of gross revenue (max USD 395/month).


Hydraulic resistance machines with the CurvesSmart personal coaching
system. Mentors to help franchisees open their fitness center. Certification of coaches.


30-minute workout that combines strength training and cardiovascular activity. Revolutionary diet that provides customized meal plans. Curves Complete weight loss coaches who have completed a certification program developed in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic and a supportive community.



Franchisees maintain a relatively inexpensive space with an open
area for the machines, stretching and coaching sessions. Diet can be
personalized online or with certified coaches who provide feedback
on goals and behavior.


Women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Women who need to lose 20, 50, or more pounds, or those who want to stay healthy. Ages 9-99 (under 18 requires doctor and parental approval).


Avon sells licensed Curves products and workout gear. Zumba provides licensed instructors to teach the Curves Circuit with Zumba.

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